What I Feel Inside

Text: Joshua Carson
Musik: Joshua Carson

Erschienen auf:
Timeless (2000)



Everything that counts is gone but nothing´s to confess
You´re walking through this desert all alone
And finally there´s someone and you found a place to rest
There´ll be no more sleepless nights all on your own
Happy just to be there walking hand in hand
And never again you will walk alone
´Cause she will lift you up to make you find your way again
But suddenly, again she will be gone

I spent a long time thinking ´bout some changes in my life
But now and then you see me down to pray
When I see there´s nothing more to gain to stay alive
That nothing ever changes to another way
So thank the Lord above for opportunities to show
The sweetness of some warm and tender kiss
Be thankfull for the way you´re taking and for letting you go
And lend a hand to those who are in need of this

I might have said I loved you and you might say I lied
But even if I did it wasn´t so
´cause girl, I´ve got a lot of loving and I try to place it right
But sometimes there just ain´t no easy way to show

So listen to my music and let it take your heart
Let it take you to some other place and time
I will open up my mind and let some loving start
When words begin to say what I feel inside
Yes, I will open up my mind and let some loving start
When words begin to say what I feel inside

Erschienen auf:

Timeless (Joshua Carson)

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